Forum “Synergy: Uniting Science, Business and Society”

Good On 23rd of January the Gylym Ordasy (House of Science) conducted the Forum entitled Synergy: Uniting Science, Business and Society organized by the National Center for State Research and Technical Expert Review and the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The Forum became a platform for dialogue between research, business and state, whose key purpose is streamline the science and technology potential to solving problems of Kazakhstan economy and society. This event was attended by over 500 visitors to discuss the science and technology development in Kazakhstan until 2030. Outcomes of the Systems analysis and Science and Technology Forecast Project (National Center’s foresight research conducted as ordered by the RoK Ministry of Education and Science). Foresight study as a method strategic decision making has been in use since 1970-ies by such technological leaders as Japan and South Korea. From 2011 this foresight expertise for trends that may have a breakthrough effect in science is being adopted in Kazakhstan. The National Center has done an enormous work analyzing the data of state authorities, research organizations, big four companies and other reputable sources to implement this project and involving Kazakhstan’s leading experts. At different phases project results were subject of discussions by over a thousand of researchers, academic and business circles of our countries. The project was consulted by the lead international foresight experts from the University of Manchester (UK), KISTEP (South Korea) and the Academy of Finland. The study covering the period all the way to 2030 is presented as recommendations to address urgent research and technological challenges at the intersection of science, economy and society interests: Multidisciplinary research “Preserving and improving health and quality of life of the nation in the 15 year-prospective” offers to develop more than 40 products, services and technologies, all new for Kazakhstan, including development of artificial organs technologies, DNA-based personalized diagnostics etc.; One of recommended actions under the multidisciplinary study is “Export-oriented environmentally pure agricultural production providing for preservation and improvement of the national health” – adoption of soil-preserving technologies based on new agricultural machinery and adaptive farming systems enabling to reduce the production cost at least by 30%; Study “Pure environment based on green economy” emphasized the necessity to develop wastewater treatment system including recovery of useful components; Study “Energy-efficient and –saving community” focuses on the financial and legislative stimulation of the green economy development. Total number of technologies proposed by the research community is over 300 and as much as 500 research study subjects have to be processed for their development. Recommendations generated upon forum outcomes will be submitted to the competent decision making authorities in the area of national research and technology potential till 2030.