Kazakhstan – UK

Kazakhstan – Region – Oskemen Research integration: Kazakhstan – UK On 12-14 March 2014 D. Serikbayev East Kazakhstan State Technical University will accommodate a Round Table entitled Research Assessment and Selection System. Strengthening Partnership in Research organized jointly with the «National Center of Science and Technology Evaluation» (National Center) and British Council with support of the RoK Ministry of Education and Science (RoK MES).

This event will gather over 300 local scientists and 13 leading researchers from UK aiming to develop and build up the research cooperation between Kazakhstan and UK scientists and ensure direct access to information providing for impact factor increase, create effective environment for knowledge sharing in line with international research standards, integrate into the world research community and eliminate regional barriers. Seminar coordinators on the British side include the Natural History Museum (London) and the School of Mines, University of Exeter. Kazakh coordinators are Nazarbayev University and EKSTU. Mr. Assanbay Jumabekov, President of the National Center, stated that In the period of Kazakhstan science renovation important steps are taken to improve the legislative framework in order to improve the expert review quality as well as support and develop intellectual potential of scientists. This Seminar is a bright example of internationalization and integration of science. Today it is critical to provide talented scientists with opportunity to cooperate with their colleagues at the international level. Mr. Simon Williams, British Council Director in Kazakhstan: International cooperation offers good opportunities for improving quality of research conducted, greatly raises effectiveness of scientific papers. Great Britain enjoys wide experience in carrying out studies, but the British scientists would like to tune up international cooperation with Kazakhstan to share ideas in order to address global problems of the future. This year the British Council celebrates the 20th anniversary of its activities in Kazakhstan and the seminar is devoted to marking this remarkable date. And we hope that this Seminar organized as part of the celebration of this date will be a starting point for the long-term cooperation in the area of education between Kazakhstan and British scientists. Exchanging knowledge and experience will foster improvement of the national research quality and citation index thanks to the international co-authorship and higher research efficiency. The Seminar demonstrated outcomes of the System Analysis and Science Forecast Project, addressed preparation of submissions for grant and program-targeted funding in line with international standards. Visit to the KAZZINC mine site was organized under the Seminar.