National Center of Science and Technology Evaluation JSC (hereinafter, the Center for Evaluation) was established by the Decree of the Government of Kazakhstan numbered 831 on July 19, 2011 and is a joint-stock company with 100% state participation and subordinated to the Committee of Science of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The Center of Expertise ensures the unity of administration, independence, transparency and publicity of expertise of scientific, technological and innovative projects and programs.

The mission of the Center is to help domestic scientists, scientific institutions and teams to fulfill their potential through the organization of an independent and objective scientific and technological review aimed at identifying the most promising scientific projects and programs, as well as improving the quality of scientific research.

The main task of the Center, as defined by the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan “On Science”, is to organize of scientific and technical evaluation (hereinafter referred to as STE) of scientific, technical and scientific projects and programs for grant and program-targeted funding, to monitor the subsequent effectiveness of ongoing scientific research, to evaluate results of scientific, technical and innovative projects and programs carried out and to organize the functioning of the National Scientific Councils.

In its activity, the Center of Expertise is focused on providing a qualitative and objective assessment of the STE's subjects by attracting the most competent experts, increasing the effectiveness and transparency of organizational processes, and introducing high standards of scientific ethics. The complex implementation of these areas ensures the practical implementation of the basic principles of the Center's work - independence, objectivity, credibility and publicity of assessment.

Functions of the Center:

  • to arrange the STE of scientific, technical and innovative projects and programs applied for funding from the national budget;
  • to select qualitatively and objectively Kazakh and foreign experts to hold the STE in accordance with the specialization and features of the proposals to be assessed;
  • to arrange methodology and organization and equipment for the STE, which also includes running the automated databases of Kazakhst and foreign experts and signing agreements with experts to make the STE possible;
  • to arrange the work of national scientific councils;
  • to submit the results of STE to national scientific councils;
  • to evaluate the results of scientific, technical and innovative projects & programs;
  • to monitor the effectiveness of ongoing research, scientific and technical and innovative projects and programs;