Research on agricultural crop breeding for stress resistance and yield improvement;
Develop biopreparations to control plant diseases and pests;
Research on development and enhancement of existing types and lines of agricultural livestock;
Rational pasture use research;
Use modern physical/chemical and electrochemical methods in agricultural processing technologies;
Research on management of epizootic process and focuses of especially dangerous, quarantine and emergent diseases;
Develop adaptive land use systems;
Research on monitoring of extremely dangerous and quarantine pests based on remote sensing and GIS-technologies;
Research on comprehensive feeding of agricultural livestock using local feed resources;
Develop agricultural processing technologies based on nano- and biotechnologies;
Analyze biological, toxicological, radiological, chemical and physical risks in the food life cycle;
Research on creation of mass consumption products for various age groups based on modern food engineering methods.
Materials provided contain interim research findings (Project: System Analysis and Forecast in Science and Technologies. Area: Sustainable development in agriculture and food processing and safety).
Key goal of the research is develop targeted recommendations for science and technology development in Kazakhstan by 2030. Interim results include a Scenario for Sustainable development in agriculture and food processing and safety in Kazakhstan until 2030. This Scenario is based on research and technical data analysis, state strategies and programs, analytical reports of lead local and international organizations, Big Four consulting companies and bibliometric and patent search results.
These efforts resulted in identified external and internal science and technology development trends in the area of Sustainable development in agriculture and food processing and safety, key factors and their relation influencing on the future development, benefits and disadvantages and opportunities and threats from the external environment. The Scenario addresses Kazakhstan’s R&D competences, proposes strategies and measures in order to develop the direction and identify potential risks associated with implementation of this Scenario.
The Scenario was discussed at expert panels and Round Tables involving a broad circle of experts (representatives of academic, scientific and business communities and state authorities).
We kindly ask you to leave your proposals and comments on improvement of the Scenario at the Forum.

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