Increase of the level of R&D projects, scientific and technical potential and competitiveness of scientific organizations and their collective, as well as scientists


Financing schedule: up to 3 years
Supported directions: Energetics, Deep processing of raw materials and products, Science of Life, Information and telecommunication technologies, Intellectual potential of the country
Specific directions: Heat and electricity (increase of energy efficiency of operating thermal power plants in Kazakhstan), Nuclear and hydrogen energy, Renewable energy sources (wind and hydropower, biofuel and photoelectricity), Energy sector impact on the environment, Mining technologies, Technologies for processing natural and technogenic raw materials , Technologies for obtaining new materials, Technologies for processing products, Information technology, Software and hardware systems and systems, Intel Geotechnical systems and technologies, Geoinformation systems and technologies, Telecommunication systems and technologies, Scientific foundations of modern biomedicine, Molecular, biochemical and cellular bases of living systems, New biotechnologies for agriculture and medicine, New biopreparations, Fundamental research in the field of natural sciences, Fundamental research in areas of socio-political and economic sciences, Fundamental research in the humanities
Term of application: до 29 декабря 2012 г.


  2013 2014 2015
Number of accepted projects: 435
Budget, tenge: 2 999 500 000 not decided yet* not decided yet*
*After the review of reports of National Scientific Councils



On December 29, 2012, the Center received 2744applications submitted under the grant competition for scientific research for 2013-2015, announced by the Committee of Sciences of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan on 29.11.2012. The main results are presented below.

Количес…Количес…EnergeticsDeep processing of raw materialsInformation and Telecommunication technologiesScience of LifeIntellectual potential of the country04008001 2001 600
GFnumber of signed up applicationsnumber of accepted applications
Energetics 182 59
Deep processing of raw materials 450 64
Information and Telecommunication technologies 226 63
Science of Life 416 111
Intellectual potential of the country 1 470 138
Количество одобренных…

Classification of grant financing by priority directions of science (million tenge)

EnergeticsDeep processing of raw materialsInformation and Telecommunication technologiesScience of LifeIntellectual potential of the country20%20%20%20%20%
Energetics 600
Deep processing of raw materials 600
Information and Telecommunication technologies 599
Science of Life 600
Intellectual potential of the country 600
Intellectual potential of the country

In order to evaluate the given applications Center involved 1089 scientists and engineers, 609 of them from abroad.
According to the results of State Scientific and Technical Expertise, 267 applications received high appraisal, medium – 2180, low – 297.

Classification of signed up applications by threshold evaluation

СводнаяоценкаHigh appraisalMedium appraisalLow appraisal06001 2001 8002 400
AEvaluation summary
High appraisal 267
Medium appraisal 2 180
Low appraisal 297

* Source: Science Committee of RK


Competition results: