Increase of the level of R&D projects, scientific and technical potential and competitiveness of scientific organizations and their collective, as well as scientists


Financing schedule: up to 3 years
Supported directions: Energetics, Deep processing of raw materials and products, Science of Life, Information and telecommunication technologies, Intellectual potential of the country
Specific directions: Technologies and methods of replenishment of mineral and raw materials base and water resources, technologies for the development of minerals, technologies for processing raw materials and products, technologies for obtaining new materials, problems of ecology and rational nature management, theoretical bases for complex processing of hydrocarbon raw materials and rational nature management, fundamental research in the field of processing raw materials and products, rational use of natural resources and ensuring an equilibrium ecological state of the environment the fundamental problems of materials science, the theoretical foundations for the production of multifunctional materials and coatings with a given set of properties, renewable and alternative energy sources and the energy use of industrial and domestic waste, heat and electric power and energy efficient technologies, nuclear and hydrogen energy, the impact of the energy sector on the environment environment, energy and automotive engineering, agricultural and food machinery, oil and gas industry tire-building, mining and metallurgical engineering, mechanical engineering, automation and robotics, fundamental research in the field of energy and engineering, information technology, telecommunication systems and technologies, intelligent systems and technologies, software and hardware systems and systems, geoinformation systems and technologies, intelligent robotic systems , modern information technologies in scientific and educational processes, fundamental scientific research in the field of information and telecommunication technologies, the theoretical foundations of mathematical modeling of technological processes, new technologies for solving the problems of aging and prolonging human life, the molecular, biochemical and cellular bases of living systems, scientific foundations for increasing the productivity and stability of plants and animals, new biologics for medicine, agriculture, the development of biomedicine and genetic engineering, basic research in the field of chemistry and biology, a study of the socio-economic the development of high-tech competitive industries, research into the implementation of social and economic policies of the state in modern conditions, the current problems of social and social sciences and humanities, and interdisciplinary research, fundamental research in mathematics, mechanics, physics
Term of application: until September 29, 2014


  2015 2016 2017
Number of accepted projects: 1781
Budget, tenge: 14 100 000 000 not decided yet* not decided yet*
*After the review of reports of National Scientific Councils



On September 29, 2014, the Center received 4884applications submitted under the grant competition for scientific research for 2013-2015,
announced by the Committee of Sciences of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan on 01.08.2014. The main results are presented below.


Количес…Количес…Rational use of natural resourcesEIMInformation and Telecommunication technologiesScience of LifeIntellectual potential of the country05001 0001 5002 000
GFnumber of signed up applicationsnumber of accepted applications
Rational use of natural resources 1 300 638
EIM 473 128
Information and Telecommunication technologies 547 94
Science of Life 997 367
Intellectual potential of the country 1 567 554
Количество одобренных…

Classification of grant financing by priority directions of science (million tenge)

Rational use of natural resourcesEIMInformation and Telecommunication technologiesScience of LifeIntellectual potential of the country32,6%12,1%22%22%11,3%
Rational use of natural resources 4 600
EIM 1 700
Information and Telecommunication technologies 1 600
Science of Life 3 100
Intellectual potential of the country 3 100
Intellectual potential of the country

In order to evaluate the given applications Center involved 2052 scientists and engineers, 1860 of them from abroad and 192 domestic. According to the results of State Scientific and Technical Expertise, 848 applications received high appraisal, medium – 3698, low – 338.

Distribution of submitted applications by threshold estimates

СводнаяоценкаHigh appraisalMedium appraisalLow appraisal01 0002 0003 0004 000
AEvaluation summary
High appraisal 848
Medium appraisal 3 698
Low appraisal 338

* Source: Science Committee of RK


Competition results: