Develop new bioengineering technologies for creation of viable organs and tissues for transplantology and regenerative medicine;
Develop methods for preventive and clinical medicine based on genome and polyomic research;
Identify biomarkers for various diseases and develop diagnostic test-systems;
Develop technologies for production of differentiated cell lines from induced pluripotent stem cells of human being to be used in toxicology and screening of new pharmaceutical medicals;
Develop methods for organization of medical and social aid to aged people;
Develop and improve health safety system;
Study issues associated with ecology, human and environmental hygiene;
Develop highly effective methods for assessment of food safety and quality;
Develop effective technologies for health screening of children and teenagers and technologies for health preservation and strengthening;
Identify resistance in Kazakhstan and develop ways for efficiency enhancement of antibacterial medications;
Develop genome and metagenome passport considering clinical and informational value;
Create biopharmaceutical medicals to prevent and treat diseases;
Develop cell therapy techniques to improve efficiency of treatment of socially important diseases and heavy complications; Study creation of the National Band and Register;
Develop and research-grounded recommendations in the area of healthy nutrition;
Develop forecast system for negative effects of natural and manmade disasters;
Provide scientific grounds of prevention of and treatment socially important and pandemic diseases;
Develop monitoring system and technologies for early diagnostics and prevention of especially dangerous infections;
Research development of research-grounded approaches to evaluation and management of occupational health risks;
Develop telemedicine system for dynamical health observation and biomedical monitoring as well as telemedicine technologies for remote diagnostics and treatment.

Materials provided contain interim research findings (Project: System Analysis and Forecast in Science and Technologies. Area: National Health).
Key goal of the research is develop targeted recommendations for science and technology development in Kazakhstan by 2030. Interim results include a Scenario for National Health Development in Kazakhstan until 2030. This Scenario is based on research and technical data analysis, state strategies and programs, analytical reports of lead local and international organizations, Big Four consulting companies and bibliometric and patent search results.
These efforts resulted in identified external and internal science and technology development trends in the area of National Health, key factors and their relation influencing on the future development, benefits and disadvantages and opportunities and threats from the external environment. The Scenario addresses Kazakhstan’s R&D competences, proposes strategies and measures in order to develop the direction and identify potential risks associated with implementation of this Scenario.
The Scenario was discussed at expert panels and Round Tables involving a broad circle of experts (representatives of academic, scientific and business communities and state authorities).
We kindly ask you to leave your proposals and comments on improvement of the Scenario at the Forum.

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