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Department of the organization of works of national scientific councils

8(727)378-05-09 int. 200, 130, 177, 122

8(727)355-50-01 int. 212, 209, 211, 208

Contact information in the priority directions
Rational use of natural resources, including water resources, geology, processing, new materials and technologies, safe products and constructions 8(727)355-50-01 int. 220
Energetics and mechanical engineering 8(727)355-50-01 int. 204
Informational, telecommunication and space technologies, scientific research in the field of natural sciences 8(727)355-50-01 int. 207
Science about life and health 8(727)355-50-01 int. 206
Scientific basis "Mangilik El" (education of the 21st century, basic and application studies in the field of the human sciences) 8(727)355-50-01 int. 205
Sustainable development of agro-industrial complex and safety of agricultural products 8(727)355-50-01 int. 206
National security and defense 8(727)355-50-01 int. 201
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