Assessment process automation reduces the subjective factor

Assessment process automation reduces the subjective factor On 17 September 2013, Astana. The National Center accommodated an applied training seminar involving Mr. Alberto Zigoni, Scival International Expert (Netherlands) on extensive use of Reviewer Finder application.


Using advanced ICT tools such as Reviewer Finder will help research review process be more reliable and efficient excluding impact of subjective factors. Said National Center President Assanbay Jumabekov opening the seminar. Key benefits of this application include automated expert identification processes taking just a few minutes, selection of the strongest peer-reviewers in specific disciplines (medicine, computer technology, physics, etc.) and expanded network of experts invited to review competitive research applications for grants. To date the Elsevier experience is one of the best in the international expert review practice and our Center is the first in Kazakhstan to integrate practice integrates with the Scopus system to ensure better quality expert review decision making in management of research findings. It should be noted that this is not the first meeting addressing the Reviewer Finder Application. In particular, this seminar also covered issues of automatic update of the expert DB in a set time interval and other selection features of authors available in the Elsevier Scopus database.