Continuous training and improvement

The beginning of September is associated with the Day of Knowledge, commencement of the new academic year. The National Center, following these good traditions, sent a group of its experts to the Kaizen Quality Management Training Seminar.
In recent years this Japanese system is gaining popularity worldwide meaning "continuous improvement." One of the most famous tools is Kaizen 5S system named after the first letters of Japanese words with the English equivalent:

  • Clearup - thorough cleaning, sorting: workplace organization, separation from the total number of necessary things and maintenance of their number as low as possible and in a certain place.
  • Configure- tuning, maintaining the order at the workplace; accurate and orderly arrangement of items that meet requirements of safety, quality and efficiency and ensuring of their visibility.
  • Cleanup – keeping clean: Maintain work areas perfectly clean. Clean – maintain the order, standardization – maintenance and repetition of the 3 above established principles.
  • Custom - tradition, discipline: maintaining quality work place should become a habit; discipline – the norm for all employees from cleaner to CEO to comply with the established behavior and communication rules, further improvement of the system and organization of audits.

The Land of the Rising Sun is confident that the better our surrounding environment is organized, the more productive and efficient work will be. Thus, the 5S system interpreted as the system for keeping the order, cleanliness and strengthening of discipline is applicable both in production and office space, but its essence is much wider and has a deep oriental philosophical meaning contained in the correlation of the order around us and the order in our thoughts.