Kazakhstan science in Thomson Reuters Analytics

On May 15, 2014 in the National center for scientific and technical expertise there was held the seminar on the use of Thomson Reuters products in analytics.

The main objective of the seminar is to show the advanced capabilities of Thomson Reuters resources for comparison and analysis. As on the basis of Insides there was determined a growth in publication activity of Kazakhstan scientists in the period from 2011 till the present moment, from the level of 300 publications per year to 800 publications re. currently, by the number of quotations domestic scientists are ahead of their Russian colleagues by the one-tenth of the worldwide average in the ratio of 0,8 to 0,7.

Thomson Reuters analytics has determined in what subject areas Kazakhstan is taking the lead demonstrating a steady and progressive growth in the number of publications. The three leaders are physics, chemistry and materials science. Our scientists are especially highly cited in the field of molecular biology.

Since we have good results in the field of physics, to whom we should look up to, with whom cooperate further and augment our potential? The analytics has determined the leader countries in the requested area; they were the USA, Germany, Japan, Italy and China. Later it is possible to select namely which organizations have the maximum number of scientific publications, and according to that list one can find partners and collaborate joint efforts. If to speak about our organization leaders, they are still KazNu Al Farabi and Nazarbayev University.