Optimal future biotechnology in Kazakhstan: what will it be like?

27 September 2013, Astana. Round table “Research and Technological Development Scenarios” organized by the National center under the Project “System Analysis and Forecasts for Research and Technology” addressed the above question.

The expert group (7 experts) took part in preparing a prospective biotech development plan characterized by high potential both at the global and Kazakhstan level. As many as 80 competent experts were invited to discuss interim results of the study. Recommendations developed in the course of making the scenarios can be used in planning and implementation of competent state authorities, said Mr. Assanbay Jumabekov, President of the National Center. The development team believes that agro biotechnologies, biomedicine and bio ecology are priority areas for our country. Basic global challenges requiring response today were identified and reviewed including population growth and aging, reducing share of people of working age, malnutrition and hunger on global scale, urbanization and reduction of agricultural lands, rising fuel prices and decrease in mineral reserves as well as environmental, scientific and technological challenges. Experts claim that Kazakhstan's share in the global biotechnology market in terms of cash is less than 0.001% with over 90% of biotechnology products in the country imported. This is especially sad given that modern biotechnology is one of the priorities of the global economy. Considering that the industry itself is knowledge-intensive, the expected result of scenario development will be the national biotechnology research strategy.