Residential address:  050004, M. Mametova St.

 Almaty. d.36 kv.48

tel: 8 (727) 271-39-16,

mob: 8701 788-45-56

Date of birth: 02.01.1948, the

Marital status: Married

E-mail Address: chomanov_u@mail.ru



1966 – 1971


Kazakh Institute of Chemical Technology,

MechanicalEngineering Faculty


Academic degree


Academician of the National Academyof Sciences of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor


Current position

“The Kazakh Scientific Institute Overworking and Food-processing Industry”,



Head ofdepartment of processing and storage technologies of animal and plant products laboratories.


Main scientific achievements


The theoretical basis psychrometer and water activity, engineering and technology of dry powders and national milkproducts; combined national production of food with a long shelf life, engineering and technology of artificially designed food from the blood of slaughtered and dairy industries and their application in the food industry, engineering and technology of storage of fruits and vegetables



Business address


238 “G” GagarinAv., Almaty, Kazakhstan

Tel./fax: 7 (727) 396-04-19



Employment history in the area of expertise


Expert of the Ministry of Science 1997-1998; Expert of the Ministry of Agriculture 1998-1999, expert of the Ministry of Education and Science 2000-2004, expert of the World Bank 2002-2004


Areas of research and practical experience,length of employment

Development of techniques and technologies in food processing areas of agriculture 38 years


Knowledge, in which you can express yourself as an expert

Food, meat and dairy industry, the development of new technologies

Classification of State Commission for Academic Degrees and Titles




Keywords of the claimed areas of expertise, including reflecting more specialized

The activity water, drying plants, intermediate moisture foods, food storage, food functionality, the national milk products


The experience of the expert work (organization, area of ​​expertise, the number of completed examinations)

The Ministry of Science, project investment for the construction of slaughterhouses in Astana; The Ministry of Agriculture  project investment for the construction of a plant for deep processing of grain; the Ministry of Science and Education project to develop the research scientific work; the World Bank projects on the development of cluster method: meat and dairy enterprises in regions of Kazakhstan


Information about the basic scientific work on the stated areas of expertise (name, place and year of publication)


1. Industrial tests of the new method and apparatus for vacuum freeze-drying and shubat, kumys / / Bulletin of Agricultural Science of Kazakhstan. Almaty. 2005.

2. New technologies in the production of active food supplements in dairy products / / Food technology and service. Almaty.2005

3. Theory psychrometer and water activity in food / / International scientific conference. "Biotechnology water and food," M. 2009 pp 135

4. Development of technology for food intermediate moisture for long term storage for / / International scientific-practical conference "Auezov reading-7": Shymkent 2008. page 238